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Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) is an innovative and highly efficient approach to psychotherapy and is based on the theoretical frame work of psychoanalysis. Habib Davenloo, a Canadian psychiatrist, developed ISTDP as a response to his dissatisfaction with the results of the often lengthy psychoanalytic treatment and other talk therapies. While approaching his clients with the same theoretical understanding as a traditional psychodynamically oriented psychotherapist, the ISTDP therapist is an active partner in the therapy process. Rather than maintaining neutrality or an empathic listening stance, the ISTDP therapist intervenes and structures the process actively by following a carefully developed scientifically established sequence of techniques.

The ISTDP therapist typically guides your attention to often subtle behavior patterns and processes that undermine healthy motivations and goals in establishing healthy alternatives that foster and encourage a safe and healthy experience of your emotional truth. This process allows for and brings about a deep sense of internal peace which then enables patients to begin to be guided clearly from within.

Dr. Rosen Bernays views ISTDP as ground breaking in the refinement of the efficacy of psychotherapy. Clinicians around the world continue to research and further develop this approach.

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